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Lowering Your Blood Pressure
Do you have high blood pressure ? Perhaps you wish to prevent yourself from getting high blood pressure , no matter what the case is, there are everyday things you may do. What you eat, how much you exercise, even your habits can effect your blood pressure .
In case you see your physician often you more than likely have your blood pressure checked every time. It is an essential procedure to watch your pressure and be sure you do not have high blood pressure . There are different reasons one has hypertension and different things you are able to do to assist decrease it.
If in case you have high blood pressure it damages your blood vessels increasing your risk for stroke or heart and kidney diseases. In other words, having hypertension is very dangerous to your health and you want to treat it right away.
Making lifestyle adjustments is the first method to go when you wish to lower your blood pressure . If doing these easy changes does not help and you need to use drugs, continue doing the adjustments along with the medication. The lifestyle changes alone may not be enough and added with medication could help significantly
In the event you use any tobacco of any form, stop your use or lower it significantly. Nicotine makes your blood vessels constrict resulting in a faster heart beat. This faster heart beat raises your blood pressure. You may easily find products that help quit smoking or help stop the use of different tobacco products.
If you’re obese you are at a high risk of high blood pressure. Start a weight loss program program and begin eating healthier. Exercising frequently is very beneficial to reducing your blood pressure. Plan an exercise routine and monitor your progress. This may show you what is working and what’s not.
Eat loads of fruit and veggies and take a look at a low fat diet. Try to keep clear of sodium, alcohol and caffeine or at least restrict your intake. Sodium is not dangerous to everyone’s blood pressure but until you know for certain, it is better to take precaution.
Alcohol will cause hypertension in some people as well. Try to only drink one or two alcoholic drinks a day. If you know this is increasing your blood pressure, try to stop altogether. Your health is perhaps at risk.
Stress can sometimes have an effect on your blood pressure. Stress is quite common and there are thousands and thousands of ways to help reduce stress. Try some relaxing techniques first and if none of these work talk to your doctor. They could have some better suggestions.
If all else fails you’ll have to turn to medication. There are a lot of forms of drugs to help you lower your blood pressure. It’s possible you’ll end up taking this medicine for the remainder of your life but when it helps keep you healthy, it is worth it.
If you’re still unsure of the way to deal with your blood pressure talking with your doctor is the best solution. Tell them of your concerns or ask them any questions you may have. No question is stupid when it comes to your health. You could possibly even perform a little research on-line and discover out many things about blood pressure. You are not the only one interested by taking good care of your health. Take the necessary steps to live a long healthy life.
Lowering Cholesterol
The human body produces oils and other substances that circulate within the bloodstream. An example is insulin, which is secreted from the pancreas in response to the increase in the quantity of sugar coming from the food that the person eats. The cells then absorb this, which provides the person calories that are used as energy.
Another substance that the body produces naturally is cholesterol . This is also ingested in the meals folks eat. There are two kinds of cholesterol namely LDL and HDL.
LDL is better known as bad cholestero l . The reason why it is bad is because an excessive amount of of this in the system may put the person at risk of suffering from either a heart attack or a stroke.
HDL in simple terms is good cholesterol because its job is to control the flow of the bad one so this can be filtered out of the person’s system. There must be a balance between the two so the individual is healthy.
Each time folks get a blood test, the patient will see a breakdown of the LDL and HDL in the system. Although not that significant as the first two, medical doctors take note of two other figures namely the total cholestero l and the triglyceride level.
With a purpose to be given a clean bill of health, the affected person must stay inside a certain range. Those that have less than 200mg/dl in total cholesterol are safe. The same goes for someone who has less than 150mg/dl in the triglycerides.
So what happens if the particular person goes beyond the limit? In simple terms, the individual is at risk of developing high blood pressure or heart disease. The good news is that the individual can still prevent such a thing from happening.
There are 4 simple ways to do it and this must be done step by step before one thing bad really happens to the individual.
The first is to change the diet. This means eating less of those foods which are high in saturated fats such as red meat and dairy products. This ought to be changed for fish, fruits, nuts, oatmeal and vegetables.
Studies have shown that those who eat oatmeal often are able to reduce the LDL and trigylecerides level in just 2 weeks. Think about what may happen if that is carried out even after only a month?
The second is exercise. The body has stored fat after how many years of not engaging in any physical activity. Changing the eating habits can only go so far and sweating it out will increase the metabolic rate thus helping reduce the patient’s cholesterol levels.
The third, which doesn’t happen often, is for the individual to take supplements to assist in the reduction of cholesterol . Examples of these are bible acid resins, ezetimibe, fibric acid, niacin and statins.
These are available in numerous brands and studies have proven this can lower the cholesterol from 15% to 30% when this is taken in regularly. Should exercise and dieting not work, the patient must remember that the intake of these drugs has certain side effects. The physician should explain this before even prescribing this so the individual can choose from the wide selection of drugs that can be used to decrease one’s cholesterol . Prevention is the best way to fight any disease. A regular check up at the doctor’s office will surely save money instead of being confined in the hospital. 

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