help with psychology homework please!?

Juliana Asked: help with psychology homework please!?

Melinda, who is in her mid-forties, owns a successful computer company.
Recently, she has taken on a 14-year-old high school girl as
an intern in order to "show her the ropes" of running a business. According to Erikson,
Melinda is demonstrating
A) altruism.
B) generativity.
C) intimacy.
D) industry.

The midlife crisis is brought on by an individual's awareness of his or her
A) aging process.
B) limited resources for change.
C) mortality.
D) inability to fulfill the dreams of their youth.

A significant decrease in sexual satisfaction in middle age may be due in part to
A) increasingly painful intercourse.
B) self-fulfilling prophecy.
C) fatigue.
D) making sex too high a priority.

Chronically high blood pressure is called
A) tension.
B) hypotension.
C) hypertension.
D) None of these.

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