is blood pressure reading of 154/102 dangerous?

Kris Asked: is blood pressure reading of 154/102 dangerous?

Yes, that's a sign your heart is working hard. Make sure your cholesterol isn't high. If so, this can lead to many serious health conditions.


Chris Answered:
140/90 is the normal baseline, anything above either of those numbers *may* be cause for concern. Stress or a new medication might be a reason for it being a little bit high. Was it taken by a healthcare person or was it done by machine? The machines are not very accurate so have it checked manually if you are concerned. Also, any symptoms such as a headache or dizziness should not be ignored- get to a doctor if you are experiencing these.

Brighid Answered:

RS Answered:
A single reading that high is not dangerous, and depends on the situation.If you were stressed or exercising just before that was measured, it's a normal response.If your pressures run that high all the time, you need to be treated to get it under control.

Sustained blood pressures that high are a long term danger because your heart has to work harder to pump your blood, and the heart muscle can thicken to the point where is outgrows its own blood supply.The blood vessels are also stressed, and can develop changes over time that make it more likely for you to have a heart attack or stroke.

W H Answered:
Read the package for the worming tablet, contact a vet and then contact a doctor to find out when it's safe to take your blood pressure tablet.

lizlikescheez Answered:
Call a doctor NOW! That tablet is meant for dogs not humans so of course, it was not tested on humans. We dont know what will happen to you. Its better to be safe and call the doctor or go to the emergency room or to be sorry later. Best of luck to you!

MamaBas Answered:
Well for sure, you'll know you won't have worms.Seriously, I'd call your vet and take his advice – your GP may help, but I'd suggest your vet would be better.

E Bri Answered:
Wow…thats not good.I would suggest calling a doctor (your local physican) AND a vet just to be safe.Before calling them, it is probably the best to call poison control and let them know what is going on.Your doctor is going to help you in seeing when you can take your blood pressure medicine, the vet will tell you what is going to happen since you took the deworming pill, and poison control and tell you if you were poisioned…hope this helps.

imgooch Answered:
The primary ingredient is the same for both dog and human dewormers. It's the other chemicals you have to worry about.
Dog's stomachs acids and whole digestive system are different than ours, so the assisting chemistry is tweaked a bit between species. You definitely wont have worms, since both are designed to kill them. It's the side effects from the species specific additives that could cause harm.
I'm really not sure who you should call, either your veterinarian or poison control, but you should probably give either one a ring pretty soon.

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