The tip of my ring finger hurts?

ParrotGirlll Asked: The tip of my ring finger hurts?

I'm pretty sure that it isn't an infection, because there are no cuts, bumps with puss, etc, it looks like a very healthy finger. But I get a sharp pain whenever I touch the tip of it.

Today I was playing guitar really fast and hard. I then took a little break to review some notes for the song. When I went back to start playing again, my ring finger tip felt a sharp pain. Is it a pinched nerve? Or maybe I just overused my finger too much? I was playing pretty hard.

Either way, I'd love to know how to remedy it.

I don't have diabetes, cancer, any other diseases, cholesterol problems, any open wounds, etc. Please answer only if you really know. The pain isn't throbbing, and it only hurts when I touch the tip of it. (Very painful)

Any help would be appreciated! :)

(I've asked this once before, but I got a response that didn't help me at all whatsoever. Please respond only if you know, because I really want this pain to go away. Thank you for any help!)


Mamma Cat Answered:
The tips of your fingers are loaded with nerves.I don't think you have a "pinched" nerve, but it does seem like you are irritating it.
Try and rest it, apply a little heat and see if it gets any better.

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