what are the rh negative blood type traits?

willywonk Asked: what are the rh negative blood type traits?

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i have heard that people with the rh negative blood type have an extra vertebrae and a low blood pressure and body temperature.
And ive also heard that people with that blood type have blood connections with reptilians.


ChazInMT Answered:
I can tell you the "Traits" are NOT related to Space and Astronomy.

Rolf Answered:
I don't think that extra vertebrae and low blood pressure are associated with Rh negative blood groups.

The Rhesus factor was unknown until comparatively recently, when it was discovered in Rhesus monkeys (hence its name) and has more significance in females of child bearing age. Certainly nothing to do with reptiles!!

Silent Answered:
No, that is completely false. Having Rh-negative blood does not magically cause people to have extra vertebrae.

To say that people with this blood type "have blood connections with reptilians" is completely meaningless and has no basis in reality.

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